Electronics Policy

Our main goal within the classrooms at Estero High School is to keep the focus on academics. Due to 
an overwhelming amount of classroom referrals being Electronic/Telecommunication device referrals, 
39.5% of total referrals for the 2020-2021 school year, Estero High School will be enacting a new 
Electronic/Telecommunication Device policy within the classroom.

●     Upon entering the classroom, students should get class materials out and place bags 
(backpacks, purses, etc.) in the front of the classroom or area away from student desks designated 
by the teacher. Student bags are to remain in the front of the classroom or designated area for the 
duration of the class period.
●     If a student leaves the classroom for a reason other than lunch or dismissal, they are not 
permitted to retrieve their cell phone from their backpack.

If students are found to be in possession of an Electronic/Telecommunication Device during an 
instructional class period, the following steps may be taken for student discipline:
●     The student will be asked to put their Electronic/Telecommunication Device away in their 
●     If the student refuses to return their Electronic/Telecommunication Device to their personal 
bag when asked by the classroom instructor, the following may occur:
○     Student will be sent to ISS to turn in device where it will be secured in In-School 
Suspension (ISS) room until the end of the school day. A parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be called any 
time a student turns a phone into ISS.
○     If the student still refuses to turn their device into ISS for the reminder of the school 
day, the student will be sent to speak with an administrator.
○     If the student still refuses to turn in their device, the student will be given an 
insubordination referral and sent to ISS for the remainder of the school day where the device is 
required to be turned in.
○     Further refusal to comply with school rules may result in the need for parent pick up or 
additional disciplinary action.
●     If a student has turned in a device and is found with an additional device, an 
insubordination referral and a full day of ISS will be issued to the student.
●     If a student has repeated/multiple noncompliant discipline issues regarding their 
electronic/telecommunication device, the following may be enforced:
○     First non-compliant issue may result in a full day of ISS
○     Second non-compliant issue may result in two full days of ISS
○     Third non-compliant issue may result in 3 days of Alternative to Suspension (ATS)
○     Fourth and beyond non-compliant issue may result in 2 days Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

As we continue to strive for academic excellence, we are hopeful that parents and students alike will assist us
in achieving our goal of keeping the classroom setting driven by academic instruction.
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