My College Scholarships

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This List of Scholarships is for information sharing purposes and is not exclusive to Estero High School students. These scholarships are not the only available scholarships for graduating seniors. Please refer to The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) – an information site sponsored by the state of Florida with college, career, and scholarship information.

Golden Futures Scholarship due December 11

Lee county Red Sox Scholarhsips due 12/18

$5000 Scholarship!

The Lee County Red Sox Scholarship Programw ill be awarding one student from each Lee county high school $5000 toward college.  This scholarship has an application the must be completed by 12/18.  Seniors are eligible if they hav demonstrated a commitment to community service.  See Doc Noonan for applications.

Boston Red Sox Scholarship due December 18

Florida Rep colelge Scholarship Award due March 12th

$500.00 Theater Scholarship

See Doc Noonan for application

Haitian-American Democratic Club due 3/15

$1000 scholarship

$1000 scholarship for students of Haitian-American heritgae.  See Doc Noonan in college and Career Center for application