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Junior Varsity Girls Soccer: Estero v. South Fort Myers

JV Girls Soccer Game:  Estero v. South Fort Myers

By: Nayara Londono

Tuesday, November 14th, was the night that our girl’s Junior Varsity  soccer team played an astonishing game against South Fort Myers. Early on, #26, Kayla Sandell, was passed the ball by her team mates down the field where she had a clear shot and scored a goal. #1, Madeline Mancini also scored two points during the first half of the game. #15, Amilia Nigro scored two points prior to half-time.

Estero’s goalie of the night was #0, Sophia Reddish. Reddish blocked three goals throughout the night which made it impossible for South Fort Myers to score. By half-time, Estero was in the lead with five points.  

After halftime, our girls returned to the field full of energy. Nigro scored two points in the second half. Once again, Sandell and Mancini each scored another point. Mancini completed a hat trick by scoring three goals. Within the last few moments of the game, #3, Katya Samson, scored the last goal of the night. This put the score at 8 to 0 against South Fort Myers. The game was very exciting! Support our girl’s Junior Varsity soccer team on their next game! GO WILDCATS!


Estero High School Welcomes A New Drama Teacher

By: Christine Sells

Kea McElfresh is the new Theatre and Television Production teacher here at Estero High School.

Ms. McElfresh is not entirely new to Estero High School. She has often come to see the productions performed by the Drama Department. It was these shows and the intrigue of the idea of teaching TV production that drew Ms. McElfresh to Estero. “I was excited when the drama and TV Production class opened here at Estero. I enjoyed watching shows here and knew I would love to teach here.” said Ms. McElfresh.

Ms. McElfresh has long been involved in drama and the theatre arts. She was in many community shows and performances including, Peter Pan, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Little Shop Horrors, just to name a few. Before teaching at Estero High School she work with the Miami professional improv group, “IMPROMEDY,” for six and half years. When faced with the decision to continue this line of work or to devote herself to teaching she choose teaching and loves her decision. “I couldn’t imagine my life without teaching so I chose and haven’t looked back.”  

Ms. McElfresh tells the story of her five year old self and her answer to the age old question of “What do you want to do when you grow up?” She very simply replied with, “Nothing. I just want to play all day!” Teaching Theatre and TV Production has allowed her to achieve this dream. “I am happy to report to my five year old self, that I happily play all day!”

Still, Ms. McElfresh admits that teaching has sometimes been stressful. “I never used to worry about wrinkles before I began teaching,” she jokes. Despite the stress, the joy she gets from teaching is evident in her classes. As a student of Ms. McElfresh myself, I can say that her love for theatre and her students shines and infects her students with a similar love for performing. Other students have stated that Ms.McElfresh is “approachable”, “focused”, and overall a bubbly and “relatable” person.

“My hopes for Estero [students] this year are very basic,” said Ms, McElfresh. “I hope students are open to the prospect of opportunity. I hope they are willing to open their mind to new ideas and [have] rolled up sleeves ready to work!”

Dear Freshmen

Dear Freshmen...

By Christine Sells

Congratulations! You’ve survived the sweaty uniformed terror that is middle

school. You are now a freshmen and are probably feeling pretty proud of yourself,

but slow down before you get too cocky. There are some important things you

need to know to make your first year of high school a little easier or at least make it

easier for those of us who were already here.

The hallways are a disaster with everyone trying, or not trying, to get to class. The

best way to solve this is to stay to the right of the hallway. You all are going to be

driving soon if you aren’t already so you should know how important it is to stay in

your lane.

Furthermore, do not stop in the middle of the hallway. Did you get that? Do NOT

stop in the middle of the hallway. Whatever your friend has to say can wait or can

be texted to you. It’s not worth backing up everyone and causing them to

awkwardly bump into everyone else.

Now inevitably, you will be assigned homework. With block scheduling it is all

too easy put off your work until the day before it is due. That can only end two

ways: one, you end up in tears because you have so much to do and no time to do it.

Or, two, your work ends up terrible because you rushed it. It’s better to get your

work done the day it’s assigned. Additionally, weekends are good opportunities to

knock out all your homework so you don't start the week off already having 40

million things to do. This will only get compounded with the 50 million things that

will get placed you on during the week. No, I’m not exaggerating. Go ahead, count

them, 90 million.

Still, there is more to high school than school work. Yes, really. The social aspect

is what can make or break your high school experience. Take this year to truly

discover who you are as a person. Try out all new activities both in and out of


You are going to make friends and lose friends, but you’ll find that group of people

who are going to be there for you when you need them most (unlike the Avatar).

They will become your family. These are the people that you are going to

remember for the rest of your lives.

High school is not easy and it won’t always be fun, but you can’t give up on

yourself. You have to push past the hard times because it will get better and you

will be better off for it.

One last thing before you return to your regularly scheduled lives: don’t stop in the

hallways. Have a great year!