The following exam exemption policy applies to SENIORS ONLY.   If you have a senior who meets the exemption criteria, the student receives an X for the exam in FOCUS.  This policy excludes Dual Enrollment, AP, IB, or AICE Exams.


Seniors who meet the following criteria are exempt from final exams:


  • Only seniors can waive second semester exams.


  • Student must have an A or B average in the class for second semester.


  • Student must be at no risk of losing credit for the class for which the exam is being exempted.


  • Student must have no external suspensions during semester 2.


  • Student must have less than 9 absences per quarter (3 tardies equal 1 absence).


  • Advanced Placement, IB, AICE, and Dual Credit exams must be administered. No exemptions can be given for these courses.


  • When an exam is waived, the two nine-week grades for second semester will be averaged to obtain a semester average for the course.


Only those seniors who meet the criteria as stated above will be exempt from exams at the end of second semester.